One Mo’ Time

Hey Frank Fans.

My Tech guy, Michael Lovett says that this is a “BLOG SITE” so go ahead, leave a message on the board. I’d love to know what your thinking or what songs you want to hear or just to tell us how we’re doin’!

My Musical Director David Zipse and I will be back at Ameritage  9th & Orange Sts. again this Wednesday May 13th from 5:30 – 7:30PM for more Frank Tunes.

David I are getting more and more “gigs”, thanks to you guys for telling people about us.

We have 3 events this week: 1: Rockland Place, 2:Ameritage and 3:Rehoboth Beach Country Club.

We are rehearsing more, learning new songs together and will be “marketing” ourselves with videos (on this site, soon) so as we can grow, get better and keep the “Frank” thing going for a while.

Thank you all for you support and friendship for us (David Zipse & I), ’cause without you, there is no “us”.

I can always be reached at OR go to  the Email Sean Sinatra part and click. Phone: 302-690-9487


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