10 thoughts on “Sean Sinatra – Just Like Ol’ Blue Eyes

  1. I still think you’re humpy but I do miss that long beautiful hair from the early Shipley Grill days!

  2. Hello Sean,
    It has been many years that have passed, But I must tell you that your name comes up at least once a week in our home.Tony, Anthony, aka the Rose even more. All the laughs and great times we shared are Stories and memories that will be with me for life. But enough of that. I wanted to congratulate you on your win and your new adventures. I’m so happy for you and excited to know what’s going on with you.

    I’m now retired as Director of Activities at American Retirement Corp. and living in Richmond Va. with the most wonderful person in the world. He also knows you and has happy memories of time spent at the Grill.

    My nephew John and his wife Debbie will be in your audience the next time you’re performing. They’re also very excited to see you. Who knows, some night you may look out and see me sitting there. If you’re ever in Richmond I would be most honored to have you come visit with us. Or even better, when the winter is sharp come and stay with us in our Ft. Laurderdale home. Yes Sean, I’m finely that happy home maker you always said I should be…

    Your Friend for life , Dan

  3. You’re the talk of the town, Seanee!! I’m so glad you are doing what you love. Wish I could come to Pescatore to see you, I love that place.

    Miss you and wish you all the best…

  4. can’t wait to see your show I know it will be great I will get in touch with ken & karen maybe shaw & 0thers from DI and have some laughs about the trips & days of selling

    • Mikey Seabreeze.
      Hope all’s well with you.
      Would LOVE to see you and the gang.
      Call me sometime.

  5. Sean came to Eden Rock and performed for my residents and was a huge hit!….The residents loved him and want him to come back….great job!

  6. Sean,

    Thank you so much for performing at my wife’s birthday party last weekend. You did such a fantastic job! Everyone was dancing and your performance really made the party. Your Sinatra is spot on and you are a great entertainer. I would highly recommend you to anyone who would like to find a great Sinatra performance for an event. You’re terrific. Thank you.

  7. Sean- You really did an amazing performance at the Lewes Yacht Club on Saturday night. I felt like you transformed the Club on the shores of Delaware Bay into a NYC supper club in the 1950’s. What a night. We all danced and had a marvelous time. You are living the dream and it shows in your performance of Frank Sinatra. He would be proud and flattered. Can’t wait to get you back down to Lewes again.

  8. Sean,

    Fantastic job last night for my dad’s 88th birthday, you are great and you made the place come to life. The entire family loved your performance and you have been the topic of discussion all morning. My daughter Madison made the perfect pick when she was searching for an entertainer and found you. Would love to invite you to Charlottesville Va. sometime. Don’t be surprised if you hear from us again real soon..all the best to you…and again..Thanks from my entire family.

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